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Mint Leaf Steam Bath For Vaginal Tightening

We are sure you have heard of the phrase ‘steam bath’. It may just sound soothing and beneficial to your body. Most of the time you hear them as referred to for facial cleansing. However, today we are going to talk about vaginal steam baths. Think of these steams baths as a detoxification beauty routine for your special lady parts.


These steam baths work to tone, nourish, and cleanse the vaginal tissues of the female body. This is no new concept, as women have practiced this beauty regiment for centuries. Now as we have mentioned above, these steam baths work to tone the vaginal muscles.

However, they are useful for a few other things as well. These include healing bladder infections, soothing a painful period, and boosting blood circulation of the vagina.

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Making Your Steam Bath

The create your very own steam bath you will need to pick an herb. We highly recommend mint leaves as it is one of our very favorites. However, you can use lemon balm, basil, oregano, yarrow, calendula, or many other ones. The choice is really up to you.


You want to start by boiling the leaves in a good bit of water. Once you start to smell the fresh aroma of mint it’s time to let the mixture cool down. You want to move the mint mixture into a bucket-like container that you are able to sit over.

Make sure the mixture has cooled down before attempting to sit over it. Use your hand to feel how hot the steam is. You don’t want to burn any of your sensitive lady parts, so use your head to realize when the mint bath is cool enough for you to use.

Spending a good fifteen minutes over your mint steam bath will provide a natural freshness you can feel right away. Some women prefer to poor some of the bath into a douching bottle to use on the inside of the vagina. That’s completely fine and natural, as it won’t provide any nasty reactions from your body.

It’s important that your body is in a relaxed state during this bathing period. Some women prefer to mediate, read a book, or simply take a nap. It’s completely up to you, but relaxing the body and vaginal muscle will allow for more of the soothing steam to enter the vaginal canal. This will provide a more useful cleansing process.

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