Castor Oil is a popular home remedy for all kinds of medical ailments and body improvements. The coil is actually extracted from the yellow plant. It’s very native to India and Russia. When extract initially is thick and has an unpleasant taste.


Castor Oil has anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and analgesic properties. This is what makes it the perfect inhibitor of unwanted bacteria, yeasts, and viruses. This ancient finding has documented its use for therapeutic and medicinal purposes in the Egypt, India, Rome, Africa, and Greece to name just a few.

Will It Work?

The main component in Castor Oil is Ricinoleic Acid. This works to nourish the skin and hair. This causes both to become healthier and thicker. However, it will not work to tighten the vaginal muscles. It works great to cleanse the vagina, just not so much for tightening it.

This is because it lacks an astringent property. This is a trait where a certain substance causes the contraction of the skin, tissues, and blood vessels. The astringent property is what makes the skin tighter. Castor Oil doesn’t possess this astringent property, therefore it will do nothing for you in terms of tightening the skin or vaginal muscles.

Other Suggestions?

If you have not discovered yet, our number one suggestion when it comes to vaginal tightening is V-Tight Gel. This is a powerful formula made of all natural ingredients that possess this astringent property. To learn more about this tightening cream be sure to check out our information guide.

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